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Open banking API (PSD2)

The second EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) introduces some changes to payment services within the European Union. The objective of PSD2 is to create a more uniform, transparent, and open EU payment market and to bring innovation, competition, and security to all the market players.

QWAC needed

If you are a third-party service provider seeking access to mano.bank PSD2 interfaces, you must be licensed by a national regulatory authority. You’ll also need a qualified certificate (QWAC). Such certificates can be obtained from Qualified Trusted Service Providers.

This API allows third parties to use the benefits of payment initiation and account information services.

API Documentation

Check out the Technical documentation that describes how to use the mano.bank APIs.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please email us at psd2api@mano.bank.

Payments APIs

The solution is dedicated for mano.bank business customers - to plug customers’ systems into our using API. The integration allows to streamline customers’ business processes, making them simpler for usage.

The main API functions:

Account balance of payment accounts

Statements per account and currency

Initiation of internal, SEPA, SWIFT payments

Obtaining transaction details, status

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